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Smart lock, it hurts when you buy it, don’t mention how cool it is when you use it...
Release time:2021-05-26

Smart locks can generally be divided into 4 categories

 Smart locks are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management. Generally speaking, smart locks are divided into the following 4 categories:

1. Password lock: It can be unlocked by password, which can be divided into mechanical password lock and keyboard password lock.

2. Induction lock/IC card lock: It is divided into contact type IC card lock and non-contact type. For the contact type, insert the card into the lock seam so that the internal card reader of the chip lock is in contact with it; for the non-contact type, you only need to put the card and the lock card reader close together.

3. Electromagnetic lock: It is made by the principle of electromagnetic, and the electromagnetic force reaches hundreds of kilograms. In the locked state, ordinary people can't open it.

4. Biological lock: With the development of biometric technology, fingerprint locks, palmprint locks, and retina recognition locks have emerged.

5. Smart lock: A lock that can be opened using biometric recognition, password, mobile phone, proximity card, etc., and can be linked with other smart homes such as smart peepholes, home cameras, etc., is a smart lock.


What are the advantages of smart locks?

Many people still hesitate to buy, whether to buy or not? Don't rush to make a decision, let's take a look at the advantages of smart locks.

1. Cure obsessive-compulsive disorder

I don't know if there are friends who often suspect that the door is not locked after going out. Especially when the family asked "Did you lock the door?", the wind became even more messy, and they were uneasy along the way. Sometimes, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder have to go back and check again before they feel relieved.

If you use a smart lock at home, you can simply lift the handle when you go out, and ordinary smart locks will have an anti-lock alarm function. If when going out, occasionally the door is not closed in place and the oblique tongue cannot be touched to lock, and the lock cannot be sensed, the smart lock will also prompt the user through a buzzer or voice. After changing to the smart lock, I don’t have to go back home to see, the obsessive-compulsive disorder is cured.


2. Safer than you think

The most important thing for a qualified lock is to protect the safety of life and property. At present, most smart locks have anti-violence and anti-technical alarm functions.

At present, most smart locks have remote monitoring functions. In other words, even if a thief can open the lock and burglary, the smart lock can also take photos or videos as evidence through remote monitoring to facilitate the alarm.


3. Remote door opening is more user-friendly

Such scenes in life are not uncommon: relatives and friends are not at home when they visit. In the past, they were usually asked to wait near their homes. With a smart lock, the smart lock can be remotely controlled to open the door for visiting guests.

When it is inconvenient for the elderly or children to open the door at home, whether they are outside the door or inside the house, they can open the door remotely by themselves or their children through the app, which is quite convenient.


4. Open the door and you can see the authority of the person

The home smart door lock has a powerful user information management background, which can freely add/modify/delete user information, and can allow or prevent certain people from entering. For example, when a babysitter moves away, their fingerprints can be deleted immediately, so that they no longer have permission to open the door.



How can I choose a high-quality lock?

1. Look at the material

There are three main materials for smart locks: plastic, zinc alloy, and stainless steel. Among them, plastic has the worst durability, fire resistance, and explosion-proof performance, followed by zinc alloy, and stainless steel is the best. Smart locks made of plastic are generally smooth and bright in color, while zinc alloy is slightly rougher and stainless steel is more uniform.


2. Trial function

Test the response speed and accuracy of smart lock fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking. If you can quickly identify true intelligence, the accuracy will be good, and vice versa.


3. Look at the installation service

Whether the smart lock is installed correctly is directly related to the safety and service life of the product. Only the installation of professional and technical personnel can ensure that the use value of the product will not be damaged, and at the same time, ensure that the interests of users will not be damaged. If only products are provided, but professional installation services cannot be provided, such smart lock products are not recommended.

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