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After sales service: 1 hour response, 24 hours on call

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Service idea

Pursuit of excellence Beyond expectations Create value

Pre sales / in sales / after sales support

Provide project consulting, system design, product experience, and assist customers to develop professional and efficient project solutions;

Provide corresponding technical guidance and system training, and be responsible for the debugging and installation of project products;

In addition, we can provide more customized value-added services according to your needs.

Course training

We can customize training courses according to customers' projects and needs. Professional engineers can provide customers with comprehensive and systematic technical training and practical operation demonstration, including fault diagnosis, equipment debugging, equipment maintenance, etc., to meet the diversified needs of different types of customers.

Technical exchange

In the process of product installation, delivery and regular inspection, our service engineers will conduct technical exchanges with customers, exchange product and system application experience, and answer questions for customers.
Online consultation

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